Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Spring is here

The spring is truly finally here. On Sunday we went on a long walk and saw many flowers, bees, bumble bees and even a butterfly. And for the last two days I was able to get out of the bed early, before anyone else was up. It is such a pleasure to wake up to the warm house and the skies getting lighter, instead of greyness and chill air. I love having some quiet time to myself in the morning, even if it is only short 20 minutes that I use to make porridge or have a shower. Yet in winter I was unable to drag myself out of the bed. It's likely that there are still few cold gray days to come; but I'm glad to know that another winter is over, the days are getting longer and we can enjoy more time outside. Welcome spring.


Pen+Ink said...

Yes, those few precious minutes in the morning are truly magical.

driftwood said...

it's so much easier to get out of bed early when it's sunny isn't it xxx

Annie said...

Oh, it does make a difference, doesn't it?!