Monday, 16 March 2009

The Royal Academy of Art curse strikes again

I’ve lived in London for over four years now and yet I’ve been to the Royal Academy of Art only once and not for the lack of trying. On Saturday yet again I decided to see an exhibition there. However by the time I got to London I was tired, hungry and very cold, so I choose to go to the closer National Gallery instead. And I was very glad I did. They currently have a main Pablo Picasso exhibition and to coincide with it a smaller one of his prints, including linocuts. Recently I was trying to make simple stamps following Geninne's tutorial (read from the bottom up), which is very similar to making linocuts, but on much smaller scale. Therefore I could truly appreciate Picasso’s mastery of the printmaking. Trying something for myself often results in better understanding and admiration of exceptionally skilled work of others.

Here is my first & not very successful attempt, since the eraser already had raised watermark image on it. I’m surprised I didn’t slice my hand open with the craft knife.
Handcarved stamp - snowman
Slightly better second one, using linocuter.
Handcarved stamp - matreshka
And third one, in which I actually followed Gennine’s advise and tried to carve simple shapes.
Handcarved simple stamps
The rest of the family enjoyed trying out the results and new ink pads.
Testing handcarved stamps


Rachael said...

How very cool! I love the matryoshka doll! I'm impressed.

Annie said...

I remember learning that lesson!!! Simple shapes.
Simple shapes.
Simple shapes.
Goes against my grain.

Jacky said...

Great the matryoshka doll and looks like the family are enjoying them.

I have bought some rubber to try out my new found lino cutting techniques. Will be wonderful for my journalling.

Jacky xox