Thursday, 16 April 2009

The dangers of the parenthood

Watch out! Not only parenthood can destroy your social life, you are also likely to suffer physical pain.

Three weeks ago in the evening, while I was reading Katya a book, she suddenly raised her hand upwards and accidentally stabbed me in the eye. In pain and unable to read, I put her to bed and sat in the dark with tears falling down my face. As I was still in pain the next morning we went to GP clinic and were sent to the hospital’s emergency department by the receptionist. I expected to see a room full of chaos, gore and suffering (guess I watched too many episodes of ER), instead we found ourselves in a quiet clean room with only two other respectable-looking patients. My vision was fine, but I had a nasty scratch on my cornea and was prescribed antibiotic cream for my eye. For the rest of the day, according to my husband, I was behaving like a cross between vampire afraid of the light and a moaning ghost. I’m glad he managed to take a day off to look after Cat, so I could spend most of the day napping to avoid the constant pain.

I think Cat was slightly traumatized by the whole experience and kept on asking me to read her books, which I couldn't do for the next few days, and kept on saying
"Глаз, ou" pointing at her own eyes. (Глаз/Glaz = eye). For the next few days I was also unable to use the computer, watch TV, draw and craft.

Unable to do much, I did a lot of thinking. There were plenty of useful lessons in that experience: admitting inability to do everything by myself and asking friends for help; valuing the time I have to draw and craft; prioritizing important things instead of wasting time; doing things when I can instead of putting them off to a more convenient moment (which often never comes). I also had chance to contemplate how to organize my days better and how much I can practically achieve in a day – always not as much as I wish. It feels like an impossible feat to cross everything from my daily to do lists and so now I try to be realistic when writing them down.

With constant re-organization and improving of my life, I also wanted to re-organize and clean up my blog (notice that I still have the autumn header!). But at some point I realized that it will be easier to start from scratch and so you can now find me here.


Tanya said...

I'm surprised they didn't give you anaesthetic drops for your eye. That's what I was given when my eye ball was scratched by a tree! And it made the pain magically disappear. :)

The stuff you were thinking about is stuff I often think about. Often I want to get everything done off my to do list but I've realised that it's actually impossible because new things are added all the time - probably at a faster rate than I can actually get them done!

Annie said...

I am suffering just reading this. How awful! I had some similar scrapes, but not nearly so bad. I remember when I was little seeing my baby brother throw his head back and hit my mother in the mouth. Obviously he had no idea what he was doing, but he gave her a good one in the mouth and she was SO miserable.

The photo you put with this is SO perfect - priceless!

I'm glad you used your time wisely...sleep and thought. How nice...though better when not in pain.

driftwood said...

ouch, poor you xxx
thinking time is always good though nicer when not forced upon you. xx

chet said...

does that mean you won't be updating this blog anymore?

Pen+Ink said...

The best advice I EVER received from my mother about parenting is that when one is at home looking after house and children and wanting to avoid insanity to only put one thing on your to do list per day.
Worked wonders.

julie70 said...

some bad experiences can as make stop and think differently a bit, or change our life's in new direction, but personally I do not believe it is good to change the blog,

I have the same for five years now,

choosing between blogs, abandoning your old "writing selfs" is it good for you or for your audience, or both?